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Meower is an innovative non-profit and open-source social media platform that prioritizes user privacy by never selling your data, never collecting more than we need to, and never displaying ads. Join our community today and start connecting with like-minded individuals.

Safe for All

A friendly place to be. We are committed to keeping Meower safe and welcoming for all. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to enforce community guidelines and ensure a positive experience for everyone.


Meower started life as a Scratch 3.0-based social media platform. We have a long history, too! With the continuous support of our amazing community, we've evolved into a feature-rich platform for creators of all kinds.


Transparency is at the core of Meower. We believe in the power of open-source collaboration. Anyone is welcome to contribute, fork, or view the Meower source code on our GitHub repository. Together, we can build a better platform for all.

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