Meower is a free, open-source, and nonprofit social media platform. Meower is also a (currently WIP) alternative to Twitter, Discord, and Reddit, completely free of advertising, tracking, data collection, and more. Wanna join Meower? Click here to Launch Meower!

A friendly place to be

Designed to be friendly for all ages, Meower has moderators and friends all-around. We're committed to keeping Meower a safe place to be.

An original

Meower started life as a Scratch 3.0-based social media platform. We have a long history, too! Check out our wiki for more info!

Freedom to the masses

Everyone is welcome to use Meower. We don't have censorship, we have no political agendas, and we don't care about money. Meower is just a place to hang out, nothing more, nothing less.

Simple and elegant

Meower's designed to be as easy to use. What you see, is what you get.

Fully FOSS

Anyone is welcome to contribute to Meower on GitHub. If you know Python, Scratch, HTML5, JavaScript, Node, Vue, Etc. You're welcome to join the party!